Meet me!

Hi! My name is Kathryn (but I often go by Kat)
I'm the creator behind all these pretty things on this site! I've always been really bad at writing and talking about myself, but here goes nothing haha.

I grew up in SE Wisconsin. My mom was always crafty, so I've always had a love for creating things. But I'm also a nerd who stayed up til the crack of dawn watching anime, reading books, and/or playing Pokémon, so naturally, I eventually mushed these things together. So here I am making all the nerdy things in hopes it'll make other people as happy as it makes me. ☺️

Right now I am living in South Carolina, happily married to another nerd, raising a mini nerd together. We also have two dogs who will crush you with their love, and two cats who act like they couldn't care less (but I know they love me)

I hope you love these things that are lovingly made with my blood sweat and tears (and maybe a couple cuss words) 🥰