HP Spinny Time Ball-20oz sipper

Sold out $35.00

The blue on this tumbler is absolutely GORGEOUS, pictures just don't do it justice. I used a brushed gold metallic vinyl for the decal, so it looks like it has a cool texture to it!
Along the bottom, I sprinkled a gold mini chunky glitter, which is also absolutely gorgeous. And I don't meant to toot my own horn, but the gradient of it is SO pretty!
This tumbler comes with a plastic reusable straw and a screw on lid. The lid only has a hole for a straw, so it can't be used to drink from without a straw.
This tumbler is handcrafted with epoxy resin, so it does require some special care:
- it is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe
- do not drop it, or it may crack or shatter. I leave the bottom stainless steel exposed to help reduce this possibility, but it is still a very real possibility.
- do not leave it in a car or any other hot environment
- do not scrub with a rough sponge or anything else that may scratch it