Puddin'- 24oz straw tumbler

Sold out $35.00

Hey Puddin, I hope you're staying hydrated! What better way to motivate you to drink more water than with a pretty cup?!
This red glitter is absolutely gorgeous, and sparkly, you may need some sunglasses when you look at it in the sun. Sprinkled along the bottom is red, black, and silver mini chunky glitter.
This cup comes with a stainless steel straw, and a screw on stainless steel lid. The lid is fast food cup style, so it's not ideal for hot beverages.
This tumbler is handcrafted with epoxy resin, so it does require some special care:
- it is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe
- do not drop it, or it may crack or shatter. I leave the bottom stainless steel exposed to help reduce this possibility, but it is still a very real possibility.
- do not leave it in a car or any other hot environment
- do not scrub with a rough sponge or anything else that may scratch it