Scream Pastel Prism 20oz

Sold out $40.00

This beautiful pastel horror tumbler has the most BEAUTIFUL blue/purple sparkle that is SO difficult to catch on camera, but it compliments the pastel prism so well! I promise you will love it even more in person 😍
It has a screw on lid with two openings: one for a straw in the center, and a regular flip top for sipping out of. Straw is included.

This tumbler is handcrafted with epoxy resin, so it does require some special care:
- it is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe
- do not drop it, or it may crack or shatter. I leave the bottom stainless steel exposed to help reduce this possibility, but it is still a very real possibility.
- do not leave it in a car or any other hot environment
- do not scrub with a rough sponge or anything else that may scratch it