Spooky Mushrooms - 20oz

Sold out $40.00

This cup is SO adorable, photos never do the glitter justice though! It's a fine glitter, so it's more of a nice shimmer. The last picture is my attempt to get a nice picture of the glitter haha.
I know it's not technically Halloween anymore, but... If you're like me, it's ALWAYS Halloween

Reusable straw included!
This tumbler is handcrafted with epoxy resin, so it does require some special care:
- it is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe
- do not drop it, or it may crack or shatter. I leave the bottom stainless steel exposed to help reduce this possibility, but it is still a very real possibility.
- do not leave it in a car or any other hot environment
- do not scrub with a rough sponge or anything else that may scratch it